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„That was pretty dumb. I haven’t lived in New York City very long. „There was this homeless guy,“ he said. I’m with two friends. We have three coats and two shoulder bags between us. A hostess returns all these items to us at the door. Fossils are not only among fuels. Now you all will be sold even more polluting rubbish Wholesale Replica Bags and our streets will be even more dangerous filled with cancer hazard toxic emissions. Your hard earned money will go to support those dirty politicians killing your kids.

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I am a Dutchman from North Africa from the Sahara Desert where the place is wonderful where there is no respect for rights where no consideration of freedom where decent living I live free living there among those hills Which was a witness to the memories of the ancestor, I was the successor, but I always denied that it was flawed where I could not stay where the grandfather and his friends stayed with their king, where the mothers stayed, they were fighting for the conditions, resisting the cruelty of nature and did not give up despite all odds and obstacles. And did not give up because it was linked to the land pure links impossible to explain and was done And the people of their homeland, the enemies of them, before them and those behind them, and all of them, except that all of them fell for their homeland. Their death was more honorable and less honorable than leaving the inheritance to those who have no heritage and no right in it and no authority in the modern era. wholesale replica handbags

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