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A) the best warframe you think a new player should try to get | Churrascaria - Das brasilianische Catering

1 point submitted 2 months agoDaily challenges (that stack up to 3) actually carried over from last season too (assuming you didn clear them). My mate was 1.5 tiers higher than me for the majority of the season till he slacked off.And there was an extra 5 or 10 stars (I don remember which) when one of the weekly challenges bugged out with „Watch a Replay“, which ended up being revive a teammate which was reset into revive a teammate 5 times, and they let you keep the stars from that as well.I not too far in the game so I don know what a good gift, but I like to give 3 people a warframe or weapon slot, your choice (or something of equal plat, I suppose)and I like to learn more about the game from my giveaway 😛 so to qualify, just leave your in game name and either.A) the best warframe you think a new player should try to get, and whyB) the most important mod a new player probably doesn know about, and what makes it thatIf you give one of each, I enter you twice.I roll for the winners in 24 hours :)bonus points if the frame isn rhino, frost, or excal (but those answers will absolutely qualify as well) 2 points submitted 8 months agoA) Valkyr / Valkyr Prime: Good mobility, innate knockdown resistance, attack speed + AoE slow buff + Stun + INVINCIBLE KITTY CLAW MODE. Pretty much an all rounder great survivability (dat lifesteal tho) and insane damage (Rips through level 100 enemies like butter).

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