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Bright yellow and cobalt blue | Churrascaria - Das brasilianische Catering

Babydoll dresses, empire waists, ruffles, bows and anything girlie. Bright yellow and cobalt blue. Dresses are the must have for spring. Reminds me of how all the tinfoil hat wearing „you don actually own the game“ crowd started shouting I told you so when the 10 year old Wii shop announced they no longer would be selling digital games. You can still download any games through the Wii store that youve previously purchased and deleted and you sure as hell can definitely still play the games you have already downloaded and saved onto your Wii. Theyre just shutting down the ability to buy games and everyone gets back in their bomb shelters and screams „its the end of days I told you this would happen, never buy digital they take away your games!!“.

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