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But EOS may establish itself well before Ethereum could strike | Churrascaria - Das brasilianische Catering

Selling majority of my ETH for EOS

First of all, I wish you all the best with your investment decision. Given the solid prospect that EOS presents, I think you will moncler usa be doing moncler womens jackets alright :)I been a developer myself for 20+ years and, ever since starting investment in crypto last summer, always found dApp platforms most interesting moncler outlet woodbury and readily relatable moncler sale to me (I worked on not blockchain but certainly large scale, enterprise grade projects).At the moment, uk moncler outlet various platform cryptos account for the vast majority moncler outlet online of my cheap moncler sale coin selections (EOS being certainly one of the larger stacks amongst them.)I feel comfortable not going a maximalist route moncler online store because I believe that, as well as one or two discount moncler jackets dominating platforms, quite a few smaller ones will also successfully carve out a niche on their own cheap moncler jackets accord in the ever expanding dApp development industry. (Well, it appears that EOS may well become one of the dominating platforms, so I very pleased about that!)Also, cheap moncler coats mens my initial investment amount was pretty big so I had best moncler jackets to be prudent and uk moncler sale diversify better (although still heavily focused on platform category). By the way, in terms of technology my favorites have been EOS and IOTA, and as such, I initially invested in both heavily with confidence moncler outlet prices and already took out my initial investment and will leave the rest to ride the waves for the next few years (as for other coins, I certainly take some profit off this year).As for Ethereum, moncler sale outlet given its large pool moncler outlet sale of talented developers, I am almost certain it will be cheap moncler jackets womens able to step its game up and eventually moncler outlet reinvent itself that matches (or comes close enough to) EOS in scalability, ease of development and moncler sale online security in one way or moncler outlet store another. But EOS may establish itself well before Ethereum could strike back, and the goal post may also have shifted further by then. (I actually in the process of slowly increasing my investment in ETH at the moment.)Eggs not all in cheap moncler jackets mens 1 basket as I am very diversified in many ERC 20 tokens that have working solutions but as for continuing investments in BTC and ETH protocol, I don think its needed anymore.BTC is BTC, its not going anywhere but will become much less relevant in the years to come especially starting this year as there are so many DAPPs that are coming online that will start making money.I think EOS protocol, NEO protocol, QTUM Protocol, Hashgraph (full disclosure, I am an accredited investor), Cardano and IOTA are the new protocols. moncler uk outlet With the later 3 that I listed being crypto 4.0, so plenty of time to invest in them.

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