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By the time the officer confronted Alehegne on a grass area up | Churrascaria - Das brasilianische Catering

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ID Topup With (350 + 20) 4 types of INCOME 🤗

1-level income-

1st LEVEL 10%
2nd LEVEL 5 %
3rd LEVEL 4%
4th LEVEL 3%
6th LEVEL 1%
8th LEVEL.5%
2-Single Leg Income

Payments on Every Rank This is how it is –
rank income%
1 Normal 15% 1500
2 Bronze 12% 3000
3 Silver 10% 6000
4 Gold 8% 12000
5 Dimond 5% 25000
6 Platinum 3% 50000
7 Pearl 1% 1lakh
8RUBY 1% 2lakh

* Every Rank To accept *
single leg total
ID complusury –
1st Normal – 50
2nd 3rd 4th Gold – 500
5th Dimond – 1200
6th Platinum – 2200
7th Pearl – 4000
8th Ruby – 8000
* For every rank you have 1 direct sponcer credit card *


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