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There’s another benefit to secured cards. Once you demonstrate that you can pay your minimum amount due for a period of time, some lenders allow you graduate to an unsecured card look for this provision when you apply for the card. But even with these, the CARD Act still applies.

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. Among its many influences, RIF shares certain characteristics with ISO Common Logic (CL) [ISO CL], itself an evolution of KIF [KIF] and Conceptual Graphs [CG]. Like CL, RIF employs XML as its primary normative syntax, uses IRIs as identifiers, specifies integrated RIF BLD/RDF and RIF BLD/OWL languages for Semantic Web Compatibility [RIF RDF+OWL], and provides a rich set of datatypes and built ins that are designed to be well aligned with Web aware rule system implementations [RIF DTB]. Unlike CL, RIF BLD was designed to be a simple dialect with limited expressiveness that lies within the intersection of first order and logic programming systems Hermes Replica.