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Handbags Replica Supermac’s refused high quality replica bags to pay the fees because the exercise was „not conducted legitimately“.Supermac’s declined to comment on Mr Williams‘ statement and called for a garda investigation but the company has not made a formal complaint.“We are giving time to the party or parties responsible to consider their position and provide an explanation as to how this situation occurred,“ a spokesman said.Mr Williams was also involved in generating publicity in support of the plaza after objections from local businesses. Two week ago Mr Williams emailed a statement from Mr McDonagh to the The Clare Echo after questions were raised about the proposed development, and asked for it to be placed on the front page.In the newspaper’s next edition it was reported that there was „huge“ support in Clarecastle for the project after almost 200 letters of support were filed. It also quoted the Clarecastle Squash Club, which operates from designer replica luggage the Clarecastle GAA sports complex, as supporting McDonagh’s plan „for job creation in the locality“ Handbags Replica.