I do not know if you can clarify the source but I prefer to do it and if it does not go well, I delete it afterwards. Pollo and polenta with rice (Venetian recipe) by Floriana Semenzin – First I have to say since the fact the first time my family loves the recipe Floriana but I must say that or changed the way to do for reasons of time but the taste is the same and if I offended I apologize to Floriana but I think the beauty of the kitchen and this In the pot I browned the chicken until it became well golden I added the wilted clove I added the rosemary and I covered it with vegetable broth and I boiled when the broth was withdrawn I added the rice that made it toasted well added the tomato sauce and I cooked by adding the broth a little for

200 g of corn flour
100 g of ribe rice
4 chicken conscience 1 golden onion – 500 g of peeled tomatoes – 1 lt of vegetable stock (1 potato 1 celery stalk 1 carrots 1 onion 1 teaspoon of coarse salt)
10 g Replica Hermes of butter
1 sprig of rosemary
extra virgin olive oil
Start with the polenta, considering that it should cook for at least 45 minutes and then remain After half an hour of polenta, you will see that it has begun to thicken; considering that it should cook another twenty minutes, if necessary (but with these quantities, it should not happen), add the boiling water to ladles until you get the consistency in a saucepan put on the vegetable stock and cook for a twenty minutes in a saucepan now fry the chopped onion with the sprig of rosemary, in a little oil The last thing we have to do… Is the rice! Put it in a pan to toast in a little oil and add about half of the chicken sauce; let it absorb it and then start to hydrate it with the vegetable stock Now make up the dish: a nice slice of polenta, a few pieces of chicken and three tablespoons of.

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