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I never expected motherhood to ignite this journey to find my | Churrascaria - Das brasilianische Catering

Good Sunday everyone 🤗 the other night they invited me and I empty-handed I can not go and I saw I made there a thousand leaves to the amaretti…
2 rolls of puff pastry 500 g of mascarpone
4 fresh eggs
5 tablespoons of fine sugar
500 ml of fresh cream for cakes
A pack of macaroons
(To be crumbled)
The day before or lit the oven at 180 degrees I cooked the 2 rolls of puff pastry slightly pierced with the For the cream I mounted to the yolks pasteurized with the sugar is a little at a time I Hermes Replica added the mascarpone
Then in a bowl I mounted the cream (scrub from fridge) and I took 3/4 tablespoons of cream and added to the mascarpone cream… I took the sheets I split them in two I put the cream.

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