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Alone in a tiny hut, he mourns his lost little girl, Miranda, who died not long before he was ousted from his position, and he plots his revenge on his replacement, Tony Price.After years in virtual exile, Felix takes a position under an assumed name teaching theater at a prison. He has the Fletcher Correctional Players take on macho, violent selections from Shakespeare „Julius Caesar,“ „Macbeth“ and as the seasons pass, he wins the trust of the inmates he teaches, the prison officials, and Estelle, the local professor who instituted the program.Seriously, he has a devious plan to use his position teaching drama at a correctional facility to get back at Tony and Sal O’Nally, once the Heritage Minister who’d helped Tony clamber over Felix’s back. The two, both Cabinet ministers now, plan to attend the fourth year program performance the perfect opportunity for Felix to finally stage his „Tempest“ and exact his baroque revenge, which will involve drugging the ministers during the show.If this all sounds a little farfetched, implausible, and unnecessarily complicated, that’s because it is.

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