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It is set during the early Imperial China period | Churrascaria - Das brasilianische Catering

Prince of Qin is a 2002 Role Playing Game, released by a Chinese company Object Studio. It is set during the early Imperial China period, at the time of fall of the Qin dynasty and the rise of Han dynasty. The player assumes the role of Fusu, the eldest son of Shi Huandi, the First Emperor of China, who’s been exiled to the (still unfinished) Great Wall until for refusing to oversee book burning. Suddenly, he receives the order to commit suicide alongside the commander of the army, General Meng Tian. Suspecting wrong doing, they refuse to do so, and find out that Emperor died, and the throne has been assumed by the Emperor’s youngest son, Hui Hai, who has fabricated the order alongside the country’s prime minister Li Si and chief eunuch of the court, Zhao Gao. Their rule has been so tyrannical that rebellion is already underway in all parts of the country, and Fusu is set to play crucial part.

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