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National Stores, a California based retailer with more than | Churrascaria - Das brasilianische Catering

My ’07 was the sport edition which also had X REAS.Some of the things that automatically pushed me to the Limited trim are keyless entry/start, leather, heater cooled seats (both of which could be a little stronger), upgraded stereo, exterior open/close buttons for the rear glass, memory seats. Additionally, it’s full time 4WD, meaning it can be run on any surface, although I wish it could be flipped into 2WD like my ’07 could.The ride and cornering are just fine to drive it every day, and we do. I could have bought a Highlander and it would have been fine, but it reminded me too much of a minivan.Some things I think it needs on the next gen are heated steering wheel, power liftgate (my 5’2″ wife would appreciate this), xenon or LED headlights that are decent, and 360 camera, or at minimum a front camera.

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