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However owing to geographical differences, other than a cassette sampler Replica Bags,[5] the record did not receive an official release until 2009 and the relaunch of Liberty Grooves.“Centre Stage“ would become the group’s best known track in the early 90s and was regularly featured in shows and freestyles in London (such as at the Liberty Grooves New Years Jam alongside MC Mell O, Braintax, Def Tex and Lil Rodney Cee of Funky Four Plus One fame)[6] and on the South Coast at venues such as The Brook. In addition, the track was recently featured on The Crown Jewels Part 2 CD by Aroe and the Soundmakers, in its 1990 demo format.Before the release of the Trials Of Life EP by the Gutter Snypes on the imprint, Johnny F spent much of his time running Liberty Grooves The Hip Hop Shop in Tooting. At the same time, Whirlwind was living on the South Coast.

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