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Smuggler doesn’t fear sanctionsOne such man met us at night | Churrascaria - Das brasilianische Catering

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cheap goyard Sensing a business opportunity, smugglers fill the gap.The Sino Korean friendship bridge in Dandong, China.Smuggler doesn’t fear sanctionsOne such man met us at night, in secret, along the border. He’s a Chinese citizen but would not give his name because he illegally smuggles goods into North Korea nearly every day.He tells us he deals in basic living supplies, focusing on basic grains and car parts. For him, the sanctions don’t mean much but he says for other smugglers he works with the added restrictions are good for business.“The North Koreans have to buy lots of goods from us because there are fewer legal shipments through the border, so they buy more from us,“ said the smuggler.He says since the latest sanctions began, there’s been more requests from North Koreans for industrial chemicals and steel. cheap goyard

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