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or CRYPTOMINING: Directly mines in automatic bitcoin with login, it is very slow and you can not reinvest what you generate, but since it is a real company, it will not go far.

VIX ICE: Minamos power, up level 2 does not allow you to withdraw, they are more than 1000 ghs needed for
or MINECLOUD: Here you can mine dollars or bitcoins, I suggest dollars and after a few days reinvest in

or MILLHASH: You only have to press where says mining in the currency they want, I recommend doge and every 10 doges
O DEMIXMINE This was released on 23/06 /

O EASYMINING: Minera that makes investment returns, 100, 200, 300… Up to 2000% profit in different periods of time, one day, five, seven until veiniun

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