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This is because the double Windsor is actually the same as the | Churrascaria - Das brasilianische Catering

I’ve been able to get Randy Stonehill to the point where Myrrh Records has signed him directly, while others, like Mark Heard, Tom Howard, and Daniel Amos have all signed with different American companies like New Pax. I’ve helped about fifteen people get contracts so far, and all the old Solid Rock crowd has graduated and I’m working with new and younger artists now.[40]American Christian rock historian John J. Thompson identifies several factors in the collapse of Solid Rock, including possibly an over reliance on Norman’s celebrity; Norman’s confrontational lyrics and music, which alienated both the Christian and mainstream music industries; Norman’s over commitment, including producing almost all of the Solid Rock albums, contributing songs, and singing backing vocals; and „by releasing high quality music by the best bands, Norman doomed his label to almost certain failure.

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