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[Running training] open your heart four kinds of home in the most appropriate training aids

core training has become the most catchy of runners who trained never enough squats squatting, had to look at every day Stick, do not seem to keep up behind; However, in the freehand training, choose the right aids to carry out training, not only for training to bring more change, but also through training to enhance the strength of aids! But when it comes to aids, many people Chloe Replica Handbags think of the gym’s heavy weight, mechanical equipment, these must be available in professional venues, how could move to home for training? BUT! In fact, the strength training required for running does not have to rely on the weight training of mechanical training, through lightweight accessories, you can at home, playground, anywhere, train your core muscles!

here to go to Fit Taiwan instructors, well-known coach muscles father JZ, to share with you, through elastic bands, medicine balls, resistance balls and kettlebells, these items do not take up space and easy to use portable secondary With, how to carry out your training program!

core abdominal muscles not only back muscles

before the start of training, to get a good look first to the core muscles in the end is what? „In fact, the core of a wide range of muscles, not just the abdominal muscles alone,“ JZ further explained, including the buttocks, small muscles around the hip and so on, belong to the category of core muscles, and the importance of the core muscle is, „No matter what kind of exercise, you need to have a strong core muscles, buttocks muscles to work,“ JZ is also an example, some people running the knee is not comfortable, it may be because the buttocks do not know how to contribute to lead to leg muscles too Compensatory due to tension.

and core training are hundreds of species, not only limited to lying supine on the ground of ups! JZ mentioned, like standing, side posture is related to the action can be forged to the core! The following will use 4 kinds of auxiliary tools to give you more core step training options! It may be strange for the elastic band, but JZ explained that the elastic band is actually a relatively safe training aids, by controlling the number of straps to control the tension when training is also very suitable for beginners Use, „Even if you want to forge large muscles, but also need to wake up the correct muscles,“ JZ points out. JZ mentioned that many people will not use the buttocks muscles, this action can be used to wake up the buttocks muscles, but also can be used as a warm before strength training Body, to recruit hip muscle groups to participate in the next training, when the grasp of the output force of the hips, for the balance of running, there will be considerable help.

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