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replica celine belt bag Brits rush to cosmetic surgeons in bid look younger in time for ChristmasA leading clinic has witnessed an 80 per cent rise in bookings for revitalising procedures19:52, 23 SEP 2017(Image: Stockbyte) According to Lesley Reynolds, from London’s Harley Street Skin Clinic, the number of women asking about nipple procedures has quadrupled over the last six months.Lesley said: „This year 70 is the new 50, and there is nothing stopping today’s active seniors from looking as young as they feel and act.“More and more women and men in their 70s and even 80s are undergoing cosmetic treatments like The Hitch Lift, which corrects ageing eyes, as well as chin procedures both without surgery to maintain a youthful appearance.“But what are the key procedures taking the industry by storm and how much will they set you back?Nipples and Tuck Nipple Lift: Involves creating several small flaps around the nipple to push it up and out to give it more definition. From Areola Reduction: This quick snip to reduce the brown area around the nipple is usually done under local anaesthetic and requires minimal downtime. Can leave a small scar that fades over time replica celine belt bag.